Privacy Policy

  1. Information We Collect

    1. Information you provide to TrophyProfile - This includes information such as what you provide during account creation, profile documentation, trophy documentation and social posts
    2. Information about what you do while navigating TrophyProfile - This includes how you use our services such as frequency and duration of pages you visit, types of content you view, and other information about your activities on TrophyProfile
    3. Information others provide about you on Trophy Profile - This includes content such as information provided by others that may identify you within it (i.e. photos, videos, posts, etc.), your content shared by others that include information about you, messages sent to you by others, etc.
    4. Information about your network - This includes information such as who you are connected to, when those connections were made, who you interact with most, and how you interact with them.
    5. Information about the devices you use - This includes information about the hardware and software you use to access our services, how you connect to TrophyProfile, location of these devices, IP addresses, screen resolution, etc.
    6. Information from third parties - This includes information from partners of TrophyProfile and your interactions with them, advertisers, data providers who provide information and activity about you on or off TrophyProfile
  2. How We Use The Information We Collect

    1. Developing and Improving Our Services - Our goal is to provide you with the most valuable services possible and to constantly improve your user experience. As such, we use the information we collect to enhance existing services and to develop new services and features on TrophyProfile.
    2. Personalizing the Delivery of Our Services - We use the information we collect to deliver personalized services to you such as relevant news, tips to use our services, and shortcuts to content we believe would be of interest to you.
    3. Delivering Communications - We use the information we collect to send you marketing materials, news we believe is of interest to you, updates on features and functionality, policy updates, etc.
    4. Helping Ensure User Safety and Security - We use the information we collect to help verify the validity of accounts, investigate suspicious activity, and to identify violations of our Terms and Conditions.
  3. How Your Information is Shared

    1. You Share Information With Others You Communicate With - When you communicate with others you choose the audience that will see your information. For instance when you choose the level of privacy for a trophy or for a particular piece of information about you, it determines whether that information is seen by you only, your network of connections, or all members of TrophyProfile.
    2. Others Share Information About You - Other members of TrophyProfile may identify you in a photo or as part of documenting a trophy or within a post. Additionally, they may share information with others that you have shared with them.
    3. We Share Your Information with Partners - On occasion we will integrate data and information from TrophyProfile with data and information from a partner company. This is in an effort to create a joint offering or improve our respective services and offerings and deliver that improvement back to our members.
  4. Deleting your Information

    1. You can delete your content at any time using the delete buttons we provide to you in various places. You can request in writing to have your entire account and profile deleted and we will delete your trophies, profile, posts, photos, etc.
    2. Note that information other people post about you are not part of your account or profile and as such will not be deleted when you request to delete your account.
  5. Responses to Legal Requests

    1. We may provide information about you in response to a legal order such as a subpoena, court order, or search warrant, in the event we have a good faith belief it is required to do so by law.
    2. We may also access and share information that we have a good faith belief is necessary to prevent fraud, injury, or illegal activity in an effort to protect ourselves, you, and others.
  6. Notification of Changes to this Policy

    We will notify you of any changes and provide you with the opportunity to review prior to accepting in order to continue the use of our services.