Preserving Sportsmen's
Memories Worldwide
Preserving Sportsmen's Memories Worldwide
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What is TrophyProfile?

TrophyProfile is a FREE and INVITE-ONLY community of sportsmen that will become the premier destination for preserving your hunting and fishing memories online.

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TrophyProfile was designed by sportsmen for sportsmen and allows members to:


Create your TrophyProfile and Document your hunting and fishing adventures


Connect with other sportsmen and Discover their trophy memories


Share your own updates and Discuss what's new with other members


Get swept away in the Dream of your next adventure

Aaron Florian
Founder, TrophyProfile
Owner, Yukon Stone Outfitters

Our vision and values

At TrophyProfile, we believe that a “trophy” is in the eye of the beholder, which means we encourage and enable sportsmen to document not only memories of animals with large antlers, horns, and skulls, but also their first doe or an adventure where they were in hot pursuit but ended up eating “tag soup”.

At TrophyProfile, we believe most hunting and fishing trophies should be shared among like-minded sportsmen. TrophyProfile’s invite-only model of membership is the best way to escape the nuisance of “internet trolls” trying to shame sportsmen for their passion and their way of life. As such, TrophyProfile is self-policing because content can only be viewed by members who have been invited to join by other members.

At TrophyProfile, we believe sportsmen should be able to determine what they share with whom, which is not the case with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This is why we give members the ability to determine the level of privacy for each of their trophies ranging from All Members to Friends Only to Me Only.

At TrophyProfile, we believe all sportsmen worldwide share a universal bond and a common thread but still have very specific interests associated with species, weapons, geographies, etc. This is why we enable members to document every game type on every continent, yet also enable the quick filtering and retrieval of the trophies that really make your heart race.

At TrophyProfile, we are committed to conservation of wildlife and to ensuring the existence of hunting and fishing activities for generations to come.

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